Cucumber as a Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones

Cucumber as a Natural Remedy for Kidney StonesCucumber is a cylindrical fruit of a vine plant that originally come from Indian continent but it has already spread widely and it is cultivated in many countries all over the world, with China as the biggest producer. Although cucumber is actually a kind of fruit, many people treat it as vegetable. Cucumber is rich of water. About 90% composition of cucumber is water. Therefore, cucumber is good to hydrate and keep the body cool. Cucumber is also nutritious with vitamin A, vitamin C, molybdenum, potassium, manganese, folate, magnesium, silica, and dietary fiber. The nutrition of the rich water cucumber is also good to be used as a natural remedy for kidney stones.

Cucumber can wash the debris from kidneys and dissolve the small stones. Cucumber can help the body get rid of excessive uric acid that can cause kidney stones. To treat kidney stones, you can eat fresh cucumbers or you can add cucumber slices to water and drink it as a better way to treat kidney stones. You need to know that people with kidney stones must drink plenty of water. The other way is to make cucumber juice and drink it everyday. You can make pure cucumber juice or you can add vegetables to it, such as carrot and beet but avoid vegetables that contain oxalate that can create kidney stones. When you make the juice, it will be better if you peel the cucumber since the skin may cause weird taste in your juice.

If you experience to have kidney stones, you can drink cucumber juice regularly to prevent from stone forming in your kidneys and bladder. To make it easier for you in consuming cucumber juice regularly, you can make cucumber juice for two or three days at once and keep it in your refrigerator. For busy people, it will be a time saving solution. However, do not make too much juice since if you keep it too long in the refrigerator, the nutrition inside it will decrease.

Kidney failures also can be caused by other diseases, such as Diabetes. If it is triggered by Diabetes, you can read more about its alternative medicines in Alternative Medicines for Diabetes.

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