10+ Herbal Medicine Alternatives for Diabetes

Health-medicines.com – Diabetes Mellitus or commonly abbreviated as DM is a metabolic disorder caused by various factors, with symptoms in the form of chronic hyperglycemia and also interference with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat metabolism and protein metabolism as a result of a deficiency in insulin secretion, insulin activity or both. Also can be caused by a deficiency of glucose transporter. It is called Diabetes commonly.

Many factors cause diabetes disease that we must know in order to have knowledge on how to prevent earlier. Those of bad habits are :

Lack of exercise
Lack of exercise such as walking or cycling will make sugar in our body being absorbed slowly. Do that kind of exercise regularly. More tips, after dinner try not to sleep immediately because carbohydrates that accumulate can trigger diabetes.

Drinking to much Soft drinks
Not too often consume soft drinks because usually drinks as these contain artificial sweeteners that can increase sugar levels in the blood.

Eating Lots Fried Foods
Fried is one of the causes of diabetes because they have relatively high cholesterol content. We recommend reducing the consumption of foods containing a lot of oil as one way to prevent diabetes.

We all certainly already know very well about the dangers contained in it. All of which can cause a variety of diseases which could lead to diabetes indirectly.

Hopefully some of the above habits can be reduced or eliminated in order to understand how to prevent diabetes. For those who already got this disease, these are 10+ kinds of herbal medicines that could cure diabetes or at least reduce your body sugar level naturally:

Not all alternative medicines below can cure or reduce sugar level in your blood. It will react differently from people to people. Some might effective and some might not. Or, it is possible that none of them is efficacious, but at least there are alternative you can try. But, you should change your lifestyle as well while consuming these herbs or it won’t affect you at all.

1. Cure Diabetes by Eating Green Beans

Green Bean to Cure Diabetes

This vegetable beans that tasted tasteless was found to reduce levels of sugar in the blood to normal limits. This is because the substances contained in it can increase the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormon that can be produced naturally by our bodies from the organ called the pancreas that works to reduce levels of sugar in the blood. So you should frequently to consume beans and see it whether.

2. Consuming Noni to Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Noni as Alternative Diabetes Remedy

One of the properties of the noni fruit is that it can improve insulin receptors that are not functioning properly. The trick is to take 2 of noni are already quite mature, then grate and squeeze the juice with a clean cloth and then drink the juice.

3. Bitter Pare as Diabetes medicine alternative

Pare to Cure Diabetes

Pare is highly efficacious to be able to fix parts of the pancreatic beta cells. Way take about 200 grams pare then made juice and then drink the water. Since it tastes very bitter, you should not drink it too often in the beginning since it could cause diarrhea.

4. Korean Ginseng Could Be Effective to Cure Diabetes

Ginseng for Lowering Blood Sugar Level

Ginseng is already quite popular can improve your endurance and also has various other properties, for example, can reduce levels of sugar in the blood. Ginseng is believed to lower blood sugar levels and can increase the release of insulin from the pancreas and also increases insulin receptors in our body.

5. Red Onion to Heal Diabetes

Red Onion for Diabetes

Besides often used as a spice in the kitchen, it turns out onion crop is also believed to contain healing diabetes. The content of the onion extract was found to reduce blood sugar levels in our bodies. Red onions are used to treat diabetes by affecting the way in hepatic glucose metabolism and may increase insulin release and prevent the destruction of insulin.

6. Eat Garlic Regularly to Reduce Blood Level

Garlic to Cure Diabetes

How to treat diabetes naturally the next is to use garlic. The garlic was very good to be able to lower blood sugar levels and helpful to fix the cells of the pancreas and pancreatic mer4ngsang to be able to produce the insulin in the body. The ability of garlic to be able to treat diabetes has many proven through numerous scientific studies, unfortunately there are still many people who are not aware of the benefits of this one.

7. Diabetes treatment With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for Diabetes

In addition to the used as an herb for hair care, Aloe Vera is also proved useful to overcome diabetes. Lymph contained in it was able to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. So do not be surprised if the Aloe Vera is often utilized by people for other herbal ingredients.

8. Lowering Sugar Blood Level with Fenugreek

Fenugreek for Diabetes

We probably unfamiliar with this plant’s name, but it has the benefit of being able to control blood glucose levels and also proved to be powerful enough to overcome diabetes. You can find it in India used as parts of daily food.

9. Manage Diabetes With Basil

Basil to Cure Diabetes

This leaves taste like mint and can be consumed in raw. Besides useful as seasoning, thyme also was able to cope with diabetes by facilitating the process of secretion of insulin in the body.

10. Diabetes Drugs With Cinnamon

Cinnamon as alternative remedy for Diabetes

Cinnamon is commonly used as spice in the kitchen can make fat cells become more easily digested by the body and also facilitate insulin to convert glucose into energy. Cinnamon is also believed to inhibit the formation of various free radicals harmful to the body’s resistance.

11. Cure Diabetes with Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves for Diabetes

Similar with other herbal medicines, consuming this bay leaves will lower you blood sugar level. You can make it as daily herbal drink by putting 7-15 pieces of fresh bay leaves into a glass of white water.

12. Consuming Galangal to lower Blood Sugar Level

Galangal for Treating Diabetes

You usually find this herb as part of food cuisine. Some of diabetes patient drink water with Galangal to lower their blood sugar level. And it works for some people.

You can start with the easiest one that you can find in store near your home/office location. Or, you can order it from your favorite online store. Remember that there is no guarantee that it will cure your diabetes 100%, but they are surely will lower your blood sugar level. They are just alternatives. It could become a magic cure to some people but you still need to try it to justify that these types of medicines are efficacious for you.

And Combined with your health activity and lifestyle, it should improve your health to do your daily activities without problems.

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