Consume Mangosteen Peel Juice to Cure Cholesterol and Prevent Cancer

Mangosteen Peel Juice Benefit for Your Health

Despite of its bitter taste, mangosteen peel juice is believed to have tremendous benefits for health. In fact, drinking herbal medicine from the mangosteen fruit peel extract proved to cure various diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  Also it is also good your skin. Their xanthone compound efficacious to prevent the buildup of body fat so you avoid excess weight, while anti-oxidant substances plentiful in the mangosteen peel extract is useful to address the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots on the face.

You can process mangosteen peel into juice along with tea and other health drinks. You can make yourself at home with simple equipment without spending much money. Actually, if you do not have much time, you can buy mangosteen peel extract products are sold in health food stores as well as online stores. As with any kind of herbal preparations (eg, soursop leaf extract) the content of useful substances in it just the same, most importantly read the rules of use carefully.

What are the health benefits when drinking mangosteen peel juice?

  • Strengthening the immune system so the body more immune to attack minor ailments such as colds, coughs and fever.
  • Because the immune system has improved, the wound healing process will run faster than ever before.
  • It is also useful to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure control.
  • If the rate of blood has been controlled the blood vessels become stronger and heart health can be maintained.
  • As for the digestive system, drink it regularly efficacious prevent diarrhea and intestinal inflammation.
  • For those of you who suffer from heartburn, the benefits of mangosteen rind is heal the pain that you suffer if drink it regularly.
  • For those of you who are concerned with the appearance, anti-oxidant substances in it plays an important role in the fight against free radicals so you still look youthful.
  • For a woman, drinking the juice of mangosteen peel when the menstrual cycle is beneficial to reduce pain prior to menstruation (PMS).
  • Prevent the buildup of fat, thanks to the benefits of xanthones in the mangosteen fruit substances that help you lose weight.
  • Some malignant disease could be kept and cured by drinking mangosteen rind processed herbal medicine are cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV AIDS, gout and asthma (adjusted to the composition of each processed).

How to Treat Skin Mangosteen Being Healthy Drinks

1. Boil the skin and then drink the water

For those of you who do not like wearing a blender, there is an easy way to treat skin dark red fruit into herbal medicine. That is by drinking boiled water and then boil mangosteen peel them directly.

The addition of sweeteners such as sugar or honey are also allowed and does not reduce the benefits contained therein.

Comparison of boiled water sweetened with mangosteen peel customized to individual taste. This method is fairly simple because it does not require modern equipment.

2. Make a tea made from dried mangosteen peel

In some regions of the mangosteen fruit, using fruit peel has been done long ago. They fully understand if this purple fruit only available in certain seasons. Therefore, they look for ways to make herbal drinks of mangosteen peel to make it available every time. Then, they tried to dry the peel of the mangosteen in the sun, whereas previously the peel of the fruit is cut in small sizes. Storage of dry peel is to be in a clean and dry to prevent fungal growth that can harm health.

The way of presentation: dried mangosteen peel brewed using hot water and then drink while warm as you enjoy a cup of tea.

You may find other way to prepare this herbal medicines since the key is in its peel. As long as you consume it, whichever way, you will get the benefit to stay away from cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer diseases.