Purple Mangosteen for HIV AIDS

Purple Mangosteen for HIV AIDSThere are some health issues or for precisely diseases that until this day doctors and scientists from all around the world are not able to find the cure. HIV AIDS is one of them and since this disease attacks peoples’ immune systems, some people who are infected by it die not because of the virus itself but because of other diseases that infect them because they have low immune system to protect them. People have tried all kinds of medication from the medical prescription drugs in the traditional medication and so far none of them shows a promising result.

Among so many natural treatments or herbal medicines that people use to treat HIV AIDS, purple mangosteen come to surface. This is a plant fruit that originally comes from Java Island and Molucca Island in Indonesia. This fruit also grows in other countries as well such as Columbia, but mostly it stays in Southeast Asia only. The fruit has deep purple color peel and white flesh called the aril. Despite the mild sweet taste of the aril, further research has shown that the aril lacks of important nutrient content, but that is not the case with the peel.

The purple mangosteen peel has lots of antioxidant properties and the most popular one is the one called xanthones. This particular antioxidant is believed to have high potentiality as an anti disease effect. Studies and researches are being conducted to find the real benefit of purple mangosteen peel itself and how people can use it. In Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, people have used the purple mangosteen as traditional medicine for a long time ago. It is also believed that the extract of purple mangosteen can be used as the traditional treatment for HIV AIDS and it is very easy to find purple mangosteen juice on sale in this country, so it is worth to try it.

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