Bay Leaves for Diabetes

Bay Leaves for DiabetesDiabetes Mellitus is one of diseases that cause deaths in many improperly treated patients. The lack of insulin causes high blood sugar and many other fatal complications. Many kinds of medications have been invented to treat diabetes mellitus including insulin injection, pancreas transplantation, and gastric bypass surgery. However, each of the medications also causes side effects that sometimes make the patients get worse or even suffer from chronic diabetes. The best treatment for diabetic patients is having a healthy lifestyle by stopping smoking, getting ideal body weight, doing healthy diets every day, and controlling the blood pressure.

Some herbal medications can also be a great idea to treat the diabetic patients. Herbal often works well for diabetes mellitus and it has less side effects. One of the best herbal medications for diabetes mellitus is Bay Leaf. This aromatic leaf is commonly used as a cooking spice in order to create unique aroma and flavor in some Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. In America, bay leaf is called California laurel, pepperwood, or Oregon myrtle. It is also well known in Asian cuisines and has different names in each country. In fact, bay leaves do not only give a good taste in cooking but also give some good property in health including treating the diabetes mellitus.

Bay Leaves Drink Recipe to Reduce Blood Sugar Level

You can make an herbal drink for diabetes by yourself in some easy steps.

> First, you need 7-15 pieces of fresh bay leaves.

> Wash the leaves with clean water and then boil them into three glasses of water.

> Let the water boil and wait until the water diminished and there is just one glass left.

> Consume the herbal drink before mealtime twice a day.

> It will be better to use a glass or ceramic pan to boil the herbal drink because metal pans can influence the herbal properties.

> Let the herbal drink cold and then filter the leaves before consuming.

There is no guarantee that it should reduce your blood sugar level drastically. You’d better try for one – two weeks to decide whether this medicine is suitable with you. You can try other alternative medicines to find the most suitable one.

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