Cure Heart Burn with Turmeric

Cure Heart Burn with TurmericInside people stomach people can find a certain kind of acid that was needed to help in digesting the food that people eat. Some people can’t keep eating at the scheduled time and leaving their stomach empty. This is can be dangerous though, because even at empty stomach, the acid is still produced and when there is nothing to digest, it will attack the person’s stomach and people will feel hurt on their stomach that called heartburn. This health issue is kind of tricky to treat and once people have this problem, they need to make sure that they don’t skip any of their meal schedules.

Heartburn drugs are very easy to find at the local pharmacy or even local drug store. Although so, people can opt for another way to treat it with something that they can find in their kitchen, turmeric. Turmeric is part of kitchen spice that people used to cook for certain type of food such as Kari from India. Its yellow color makes it very easy to recognize and people can use it to treat their heartburn.

  • People can use fresh turmeric or powder. If they use fresh turmeric, the dosage is 165mg per kg and for powder turmeric they must use 10gr per kg of people weight.
  • Mix it with water and drink it

Why turmeric can treat heartburn? Turmeric is packed with astringent, antacid, and demulcent which was very effective in healing any internal wound. Way back then people use turmeric to treat any fresh wound and it works pretty effectively. They simply grated fresh turmeric, apply it to the wound and put some bandage on it. It seems like the same principle work for inner wound and in this case the wound that happens in the person’s stomach that caused by stomach acid

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