Kalanchoe Pinnata for Wound Treatment

Kalanchoe Pinnata for Wound TreatmentThere are many kinds of home remedy or natural treatment that people use to treat the bleeding wound. Among all kinds of these natural treatments, Kalanchoe Pinnata is a popular plant that is used for this purpose. Kalanchoe Pinnata or life plant or air plant or miracle leaf is a plant originally found in Madagascar. This specific plant is also quite popular as the house plant and now it can be found in many places in Caribbean and Pacific countries such as Hawaii, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Now, let’s go back again to the use of this plant for wound treatment. Kalanchoe Pinnata has many health features such as anti inflammatory and lately it is also believed to have anti tumor properties. As anti inflammatory, the leaves of this plant can help stop the bleeding, reduce the swelling and also enhance the wound healing process. It is very easy to do. Just take several leaves of Kalanchoe Pinnata, crush them, add some water and then apply it to the wound. Replace the mixture once every three hours and that is all.

This traditional treatment is widely used by people in Bahamas Island as well as the Chinese people. These people believe that this plant has some cooling effect which works pretty well for any wound and also bruises. The leaves of this plant have other uses as well such as to treat any digestion problem, hypertension, and even kidney stone treatment. People use this plant as home remedies for their health issue both by taking it orally or as topical ointment only.

Despite the health benefits of this particular plant, people still need to be very careful before they use it. People with sensitive skin or sensitive digestive system must be very careful before they use it because it may not work pretty well for them. So, it is highly recommended to consult with the physician or those who have many experiences with herbal or traditional treatment before using it.

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