Jicama to Treat Prostate Cancer

Jicama to Treat Prostate CancerJicama or benkoang is very popularly used in the cosmetic industry. It looks like a potato but it tastes almost like a peer. Many products nowadays are added with the extract of this tuber plant. Ancient women even had utilized it as natural beauty products. They used it to have white skin and to prevent the aging process. Besides for women, jicama also offers the greatest benefit to men. This vegetable can be used to treat prostate cancer.

There are many types of cancer. For men, their main concern is on prostate cancer. Its abnormal cells in the prostate grow aggressively and spread to other parts of the body. The American men commonly suffer from prostate cancer. The causes can be the age, race, genetic factors, diet, hormone, shift work, smoking and sexual transmitted diseases. In the medical field, the treatments for cancer, whatever type of it, remains the same from chemotherapy to surgery. All of them can be painful and expensive. Even so, men can take an alternative choice by using the herbal remedies. One of them is Jicama. It works to prevent and treat the prostate cancer naturally. The key content in bengkoang that has the benefit to overcome this disease is isoflavone. The high amount of vitamin C found in this root vegetable is also effective to protect the body from cancers. Other essential contents like antioxidant, fiber and minerals offer the greatest benefits to the total health too.

It is very easy to get jicama. It natively grows in Mexico but now it is available everywhere around the world. Many countries in Asia even commercially plant this root vegetable, including Indonesia. It is aimed for both cosmetic and medical purposes. The consumption for jicama is not difficult. It can be eaten directly after peeling the skin. It is also fine to make it in juice or salad. But there is one thing to be aware of. It is the seed, because it is poisoning.

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