Get Your Cholesterol Level Down with Onion

Get Your Cholesterol Level Down with OnionCholesterol is the root of many harmful diseases. That is the reason why you should have a good lifestyle. If you like to eat fast foods, meat, food with high level of fat, etc, you should think more about your health condition. Those kinds of foods are the foods that can increase your cholesterol level sharply. However, there are many ways that you can do to reduce the cholesterol level in your body. You should pay more attention to anything that you will eat and keep the healthy lifestyle.

If you want to reduce your cholesterol level, you can consume the onion. The onion is a common thing that you usually have in your burger or any other food that you eat. The great thing is that onion can help you reduce the cholesterol level in your body. The onion has many useful substances such as, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Mangan, Sulfur, Sodium, Curcumin, etc. Those elements have the great effect to the human body. With those substances, you can decrease the level of your cholesterol in your body. The vitamin and curcumin in onion will help you keep the immune system of your body. You can get a better immune system and get a better health condition. Moreover, onion can help you increase the HDL up to 30% and it can help you prevent your blood vessels from becoming tight. In addition, onion can also help prevent yourself from cancer and help you decrease the sugar level in your blood. You can find this onion In India and the Indian also use it as their traditional medicine.

Now, you can think to eat more onion. You can add the onion in the food that you eat and you will feel the effect. The small thing, like this onion can even save your life from harmful diseases caused by cholesterol. You can start to consume the onion and begin the healthy lifestyle.

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