Cure Acne Problem with Tomato

Cure Acne Problem with TomatoWho will ever think that people can cure many of their skin problems and even disease with things that they can find in their Kitchen. The tomato is one of them and although everyone one that a tomato is good for peoples’ health, not many people aware that this particular fruit or vegetable able to help people get rid of their acne problem.

The tomato is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, acidic contents and also antioxidants. Those ingredients can help in keeping peoples’ health but it also works perfectly well to treat acne. It was a cost effective treatment that everyone can do and they can do it easily

  • To heal and clear up acne, simply cut the tomato in half and rub it in the face. Leave it for an hour before rinse it up. It will help to dried up the skin and do it on regular basis
  • Blackhead is another form of acne and tomato can help people to combat the same problem. People can do it the way they treat acne or to boost up the effect, they can combine tomato and avocado, mash it together, applied on the face for 30 minutes before clean it up with lukewarm water.

Thanks to the acid substance to it, tomato works perfectly well for oily faces. People can use it combat their acne and excessive oil by making the combination of tomato and cucumber juice as an astringent. Because it tends to dry up people face, those with dry skin should be careful to not leave it in their face longer than necessary. People can combine tomato with other ingredients that they can use as a facial treatment and still it bring them out of their acne trouble without having to pay tons for it and save more money along the process.

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