Bay Leaves for High Uric Acid Disease

Bay Leaves for High Uric Acid DiseaseHigh uric acid disease is commonly suffered by those with unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercises, and obesity. The main cause of high uric acid is the over purine contained in the body that cannot be metabolized and cannot be wasted by the kidneys. When the uric acid concentration in blood is high, the uric acid will be crystallized in joints and cause swelling, inflammation, and pain. In severe conditions, it also potentially causes gout. In more severe conditions, high uric acid can also cause diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus type 2, kidney stones, etc.

The severe condition caused by high uric acid should become the reason for you to have a healthier lifestyle. Having regular exercises and consuming foods that contain low purine are great ideas to have a better health. To lower the uric acid concentration in your blood as well as the joints, you can try herbal drinks as the medication. Bay leaves are the herbs to use in making the herbal drinks. Bay leaf is known as spice to improve aroma and taste in many cuisines in the Mediterranean, Mexico, and Asia. Fortunately, it also has properties that are effective to lower the uric acid inside the body.

It is easy to make herbal drink for high uric acid medication from Bay Leaves. To make two glasses of the herbal drink, you need ten pieces of bay leaves and four glasses of water. Boil the ingredients together until two glasses water left. Filter the leaves and consume the warm herbal drink. Unlike drugs, bay leaves herbal drink will not cause kidneys to work hard to filter the substances. Besides having the medication, you should also avoid consuming high purine foods such as canned foods, foods containing high cholesterol and protein, as well as alcohol. Having regular exercises as well as consuming more vegetables and fruits will make your condition better.

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