Traditional Treatment for Stomatitis

Traditional Treatment for StomatitisStomatitis is some sort of infection that located inside peoples mouth. It can happen in all areas inside peoples mouth and although it was not dangerous, it is totally uncomfortable one that leaves the person who has it will have some trouble to enjoy their food and drink.

Now, there is no need to bother to buy the counter medicine for this condition, because there are some traditional treatments that people can use to treat stomatitis effectively and cheaply.

  • Honey. This is one of the most effective traditional treatments to treat stomatitis. Simply applied honey to the infection several times a day and don’t forget to consume it as well. Honey is rich vitamin C and other nutrition to help treat this condition
  • Psidium Guajava leaf. While the fruit is delicious to eat, people can use the leaf to treat stomatitis simply by preparing the concoction made from one ounce of guava leaf along with the bark tree, boil them together and drink it twice a day.
  • Piper Betle leaf is also effective to treat stomatitis. Just take one or two Piper Betle leaf, wash it and chew it for a couple of minutes and rinse off
  • Drink some coconut water

Stomatitis can happen for many different reasons such as the lack of mouth hygiene and lack of vitamin C intake. That is why it was highly recommended to have the proper amount of vitamin C every day and fruit is one of the best source of it. People also need to take a great care with their mouth hygiene and do a proper cleaning every day. It was possible though that stomatitis happen because our body is not in top shape so keeping up with general health is another way to treat and to prevent stomatitis in the first place.

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