Betel Leaves as a Traditional Medicine for Vaginal Discharge

Betel Leaves as a Traditional Medicine for Vaginal DischargeVagina is the most susceptible organ of the woman’s body. Usually, when you do not treat your vaginal area properly, there will be some health problems that may occur. One most common problem caused by infection and improperly vaginal treatment is fluor albus or vaginal discharge. This disease is caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasite. The sufferer will feel itchy and sore in her outer and inside parts of the vagina. Although vaginal discharge is not a serious health problem, this disease is very disturbing because the sufferer will feel sore when she is urinating.

Like chicken pork, women will suffer this disease at least once in their life. There are plenty of treatments for the disease, from the medical treatment to drug treatment. But there is a traditional treatment that is very effective to cure the vaginal discharge. You can use betel leaves to cure the vaginal discharge. In Indonesia and several other countries, betel leaf is very popular as a natural antiseptic that is very effective to kill fungi, bacteria, parasite, and microorganism considered as the main cause of vaginal discharge. Medical research has found that betel leaves contain plenty of valuable substances that are very effective to cure wounds, stop bleeding, cure infection, and to kill parasite microorganisms.

Using betel leaves to cure vaginal discharge is very simple. First of all, you need to prepare 10 betel leaves and 2.5 liters of water. Prepare a big pan to boil the water. Put all the betel leaves into the boiling water. Wait until the color of the water turns light green. Filter this traditional concoction. Use the betel water to wash your vagina after urinating to prevent from the vaginal discharge. To cure the vaginal discharge, you can wash your vagina using this betel water three times a day. The usage of the betel water will reduce the infection, terminate parasite microorganisms, and make your vaginal area more sterile.

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