Betel Leaves for Stopping Nosebleed

Betel Leaves for Stopping NosebleedNosebleed is a condition of nose hole bleeding. This is a kind of health threat that also known as epistaxis. There are two causes of the nosebleed; they are local cause and systemic cause. In local nosebleed, the main cause is trauma. Usually, local nosebleed is caused by sport activity, traffic accident, concussion, infection, sine, and nose wound. Local nosebleed is not a serious problem because it is not a symptom of a certain disease. While local nosebleed is caused by trauma, systemic nosebleed is caused by a certain disease. There are several diseases that will cause nosebleed; they are scarlet fever, jaundice, hypertension, hemophilia, and leukemia.

Apart from the two major causes of nosebleed, we need to take an immediate and effective action to prevent more bleeding from the nose. When someone’s nose is bleeding, it is important to stop the nosebleed before we take them to the hospital or doctor. The natural cure for nosebleed that is very effective to stop the bleeding is betel leaves. This leaf has several names such as vitele in Potugal, ju jiang in China, and sirih in Indonesia. Betel leaf is well known as the traditional herbal in Chinese and Indonesian traditional medicine. The chemical content in this leaf is very effective to cure wounds and to stop the nose bleeding. Several valuable chemical that are found in this leaf are estragol, cadinene, methyl eugenol, eugenol, tannins, starch, sugar, tepennena, and many more. Betel leaf is also effective to cure odor breath, fluor albus (vaginal discharge), eyes irritation, antiseptic, and skin rash.

To cure nosebleed by using this leaf, all you need to do is just take a betel leaf. Press it to release the valuable chemical oil. After that, roll the leaf and plug it in the nose hole that is bleeding. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the bleeding stops. Go to hospital or doctor to find out the cause of the nosebleed.

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