Anthill for Cancer Treatment

Anthill for Cancer TreatmentThere are many reasons why people tend to look for alternative solutions to their health problems rather than just follow what the doctor recommends. One of the excuses expressed by the patients is the worry about the chemical contents of the given drugs. Although the medical field has been more advanced, the natural remedies seems still offering the safer solution and equal effectiveness to treat various diseases. It is also including the cancer.

Everything that has been available naturally on the earth has advantages to humans. There is no exception to with anthill. It is more than just a home for the ants or a place where they can store foods. Anthill is now known as one of natural and alternative medicine for cancer treatment. Well, anthill or myrmecodia pendans that comes from Papua are different with the common species of anthill found at home. By the native people in the eastern part of Indonesia, the anthill has been used as a natural treatment for various diseases from generation to generation. Finally, experts have discovered what exactly owned by these ants nest. They found some active ingredients like phenolic, antioxidant, flavonoids, tocopherols, various minerals and anti-cancer substances. And now, the advantages offered by the ants nest from Papua have been able to be obtained by many people in the world. Many of them get recovered from serious diseases including cancer without having to take chemotherapy, biopsy or surgery.

The way to consume the anthill is not too complicated. It is quite easy and a person does not need to explore Papua just to get the ant nest. It has been marketed both nationwide and internationally. With the proper packaging, dry powder and water extract capsules, the consumption gets easier too. Here is one of the recommended serving ways.

  • Pour 1 tablespoon full (around 10g) powder into a stainless steel pot with 2 glasses of water (500ml)
  • Cook until boiling, fire, stirring occasionally reduced for about 15 minutes (2 cups water to 1 cup)
  • Cook the stew results
  • Strain the cooking liquid water and water of stew is ready to drink.
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