Mangosteen for Alzheimer Disease

Mangosteen for Alzheimer DiseaseAlzheimer disease is a dementia form that most commonly happens today. Until today, there is no a success medication for Alzheimer disease. Someone who suffers from this disease will get worse condition day by day and in due course guide to death. The most general symptom of Alzheimer disease in early stage is patient gets difficulties to remind recent happenings. When the disease gets worse, the patient will get problem with language, mood swings, confusion, losing memory in a long term, and more aggressive. In worst conditions, the patient’s body will gradually lose functions and then die.

Even though the causes of Alzheimer hasn’t been absolutely found, some studies found that those with intellectual activities get lower risk of Alzheimer. The treatment to cure Alzheimer also hasn’t been found. However, a balanced diet, certain training, and mental stimulation are effective treatments to delay the worsening of the symptoms. The balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are also needed to prevent and treat Alzheimer disease. Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B9 or folic acid, vitamin B12 and omega 3 are the nutritions that can prevent the disease well. They can be found in kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.

A kind of fruit that can prevent and treat Alzheimer disease is mangosteen. It originates in Indonesia and can be found in some Asian countries. However, mangosteen can also be found in Chinatowns and some supermarkets in freezed or canned option. Mangosteen is rich of antioxidant Xanthones that can effectively fix cells and prevent inflammation as well as the free radicals. Consuming mangosteen can help the Alzheimer patients delay the disease worsening and prevent the happenings. You can get the rare fruits seasonally imported from Thailand, or just consume the canned mangosteen. In the origin country, mangosteen has been bottled in the form of juices.

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