Jasmine Flowers for Treating Eye Irritation

 Jasmine Flowers for Treating Eye Problem-IrritationIn all over the world, people use jasmine extract as fragrance. Although the size is small, the smell of this white flower is amazing. Growing in tropical and subtropical areas and native to various countries in Asia, Africa, Australasia, and even Europe, jasmine is a very important commodity. However, fragrance is not the only usage of jasmine since people use it for jasmine tea that has many benefits to health. In addition, people also use jasmine flowers to treat several health problems, including eye problems.

For eye irritation, jasmine flowers can be used to soothe the eyes. Jasmine flower has a cooling effect that can help deal with redness and itchiness in eye irritation. To do it, you can take a handful of clean jasmine flowers, then put it in a jar and pour a glass of distilled water. Cover the jar to protect it from dirt and leave it for a night. In the morning, you can take the jasmine water and use it as eye drop three times a day until your eye irritation disappears. If somehow, the flower does not bloom yet, you can use jasmine leaves. Take a handful or jasmine leaves, crush them, and apply it on your forehead until it dries, and then replace it with the new jasmine leaf paste.

Besides treating eye irritation, jasmine flower is also used in treating various eye problems. Jasmine tea made from pure jasmine flowers is believed to have the ability to increase the eyesight. You can take a cup or more jasmine tea every day and you can maintain a good vision. Jasmine tea from green or black tea which is combined with jasmine flowers can be used as cataract treatment. However, it is debatable whether the jasmine flower has medicinal effect or not for cataract, since most people believe that tea which has anti-oxidant property plays the part.

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