Jasmine Flowers for Stopping the Excessive Breast Milk Production

Jasmine Flowers for Stopping the Excessive Breast Milk ProductionJasmine is very popular all across the globe due to its amazing fragrance. Jasmine grows in tropical and subtropical areas. In the world, there are about 200 species native to Asia, Africa, and Australia, and one species native to Europe. South and South East Asia are the center of jasmine diversity that many people have jasmine in their yards. People cultivate jasmine for various purposes, including for tea.

Besides the fragrance, jasmine flower is also used as medicine. One example is to stop excessive breast milk production. Although breast milk is very important for baby, sometime the mother produces too much milk which will cause the breast engorgement that lead to severe pain for the mother. Breast engorgement is not good for the baby since it will affect the areola that causes problems to breast feeding. For a mother who wants to stop the breast-feeding, milk production may need time to cease. Therefore, mother needs something that can help her reduce her breast milk production and reduce the breast engorgement. In ayurvedic medicine, jasmine flowers are used to stop the milk production. You can do it by crushing some jasmine flowers and apply it to the breasts every day until the breast engorgement stops and you can feel comfortable again.

Besides jasmine flowers, jasmine leaves are also used to reduce milk production. Similar with jasmine flowers, you can take some jasmine leaves, crush it, and apply it on your breast. However, if you feel so uncomfortable with breast engorgement, you can pump out the milk. When you pump it, you should only do it until you feel comfortable and should not empty the breast because pumping out the breast until it is empty will only trigger the milk production. Then, you need to gradually reduce the pumping until you come to the point when you have to stop it. With the help of jasmine flowers or leaves, the process will be faster.

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