Ginger Root for Treating Sprain

Ginger Root for Treating SprainGinger is usually something that can be found in the kitchen. Ginger is a common rhizome that is used as spice for various cuisines and drinks. Mostly, it is used in Asian cuisines such Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Japanese; ginger has a hot taste. In Western cuisines, ginger is used for various drinks and sweet foods, including biscuits and breads. In many countries, people use ginger as medicine. The common applications of ginger as medicine are for fatigue, common cold, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Then, some studies found that ginger has the ability to relieve joint and muscle injury. Some studies found that ginger is also good to treat sprain.

Ginger has painkilling properties that have been used for years as a herbal remedy for sprain. When you are accidentally twisted and get sprain on your foot or other parts of your body that hurt so much, you can use ginger as your solution to relieve the pain. You can use ginger paste to treat your sprain. You can take some ginger root, make ginger paste from it, and rub it on the sprained areas. You will feel the heat that comforts you. You can also use ginger compress as an alternative. You can take a half-cup of ginger root. Simmer it on a pan with a small amount of water, and then add cinnamon. Let it steep and dip a soft cloth to the warm mixture. Apply it on the sprained area and let it cool.

If you do not have fresh ginger root, you can use ginger powder. Although the result is not as good as fresh ginger, powder ginger is good for first aid. You can apply ginger paste or ginger compress twice or three times a day. For a perfect result, you need to avoid movement in the sprained area. If you experience inflamed muscle, ice compress prior to ginger compress may help you deal with the inflammation.

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