Fight Cancer with Strawberry

Fight Cancer with StrawberryStrawberry is a kind of fruit that can be made into various foods and drinks. You can add strawberry with milk and yoghurt to make the delicious strawberry smoothies. You can make many delicious menus from this fruit. You can make the cake or other delicious food with strawberry. Many women like to eat strawberry, because the research said that strawberry can help you get the better skin with the vitamin inside that fruit. You can find it in Finland, Florida, Indonesia, North America and other countries that have cold temperature.

Strawberry can help you fight the cancer. This disease is famous as the harmful disease that attacks some important organs in our body. Some common organs are attacked by cancer such as, brain, stomach, liver, etc, you can prevent or reduce the risk of having cancer by consuming strawberry. The anti oxidant level in this fruit can help you fight the cancer in your body or help you prevent from the cancer. There are many useful substances in strawberry that can help you deal with cancer. You can prevent cancer or reduce the harmful effects of this disease. The useful substances in strawberry can help you fight the cancer. Even, the strawberry itself has the anti cancer substances to help you fight the cancer. The ellagic acid in strawberry can help you reduce the development of cancer up to 45%. It is a great percentage to reduce the development of the cancer in your body. You can have the better condition by consuming the strawberry.

For those who like to consume fruits, you can try to make the juice or any other menu made from strawberry to help you get the better condition. The strawberry can help you fight cancer. Moreover, it has the good effect for your body since the fiber can give the better alimentary tract. Just eat or make it into delicious menu and you will get the healthier body.

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