Dragon Fruit for Healthy Eyes

Dragon Fruit for Healthy EyesNative to South and Central America, dragon fruit is a healthy fruit. Dragon fruit contains so many nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, and more. Dragon fruit is good for the digestive system and it can improve the immune system, improve the body metabolism, manage the normal blood pressure, control the cholesterol level, and more. Due to so many health benefits, dragon fruit is now cultivated in various tropical and sub-tropical countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii, South China, and Indonesia. Therefore, you can easily find the fruits of this cactus plant in many countries all over the world.

One important health benefit of the dragon fruit is to maintain and improve the eyes. The reason for this is carotene or vitamin A can be found in the sweet pulp of dragon fruit. Carotene or vitamin A has been used to maintain healthy eyes for a long time. Carotene can help the eye membrane create a barrier so bacteria and viruses will hardly infect the eye. The risk of eye infection is reduced greatly by consuming carotene daily. Carotene causes the red color of the fruit. Red dragon fruit contains more carotene than white pulp dragon fruit. Therefore, if you want optimum carotene benefit from dragon fruit, you can choose to consume the red one.

For your healthy eye, you can consume the dragon fruit as often as you can, alternately with other fruits. You can eat the fresh pulp just the way it is or you can make a drink from the dragon fruit. However, you had better not to mix it with milk since milk may destroy the antioxidant benefit of the fruit. You had better give one hour between fruit consumption and milk consumption. If you eat dragon fruit and other high carotene fruits and vegetables, you will have healthy eyes and best vision that will help you maintain your performance and allow you to enjoy the beautiful world.

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