Dragon Fruit for Asthma Treatment

Dragon Fruit for Asthma TreatmentDragon fruit is a vine-like cactus plant with red fruit skin and red/white pulp. Dragon fruit is native to South America and Central America and the people call this fruit pitaya. However, dragon fruit can be found everywhere now because people all over the world are cultivating it. Dragon fruit can grow well both in tropical and sub-tropical areas so it can be found in various places. The pulp is eatable and it contains many useful nutrients that can help promote a healthy body. It can also help in treating asthma and cough.

Dragon fruit contains high vitamin C which functions as an anti-oxidant that can help strengthen the body immune system. With the strong body, you can fight respiratory disorder including asthma. Consuming dragon fruit regularly can help reduce asthma attack. In addition, dragon fruit has soothing abilities that will help you treat the cough symptoms.

Consuming the dragon fruit is very easy because the pulp is soft and smooth. However, since the skin is quite hard, you need to cut the fruit into two parts, then you can use a spoon to scoop the flesh. The other ways to enjoy the dragon fruit are by making fruit salad, fruit juice, and other fruit drinks, but it is not recommended to add alcohol to the drink since alcohol is not good for your body. You can make jam from the dragon fruit but the heat can reduce the vitamins in the fruits, especially vitamin C.

If you often consume the dragon fruit, you can have a strong body and prevent the asthma attack. For those who do not suffer from asthma, dragon fruit is also good. Dragon fruit contains many nutrients that are good for health, including vitamin A for healthy eyes, anti-oxidant to fight free radical, fiber for healthy digestive system, mono-saturated fat in the seeds, vitamin B, various minerals for overall body health, phosphorus that helps the tissue formation and calcium.

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