Cure Bronchitis Using Betel Leaves

Cure Bronchitis Using Betel LeavesBronchitis is a disease that attacks our respiratory system. Bronchitis is a throat inflammation that is considered as a light disease and can be easily cured. But for someone who has lung and heart disease, bronchitis can be fatal. This disease is also fatal for elder people. Bronchitis is caused by virus, bacteria, and microorganism that have infected our respiratory system. But there are also several external causes of this disease such as air pollution, dusk, cigarette smoke, nitrogen dioxide, ozone irritation, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and many more. That is the reason why people who have smoking habit, working on the mine, and people who inhale too much carbon are more susceptible to suffer from bronchitis.

Medical treatment is needed when we suffer from bronchitis. But there is an effective method to treat bronchitis. By using betel leaf, you can create a natural cure for bronchitis. Betel leaf is a kind of leaf used by Chinese and Indonesian since hundreds years ago as a traditional medicine. This leaf has a lot of benefits like curing nosebleed, infection, natural antiseptic, and of course curing the bronchitis. Medical research has found plenty of valuable chemical substances in this leaf. These chemical substances are very valuable to cure bronchitis.

To make a bronchitis medicine from the betel leaf, all you need to do is prepare 7 betel leaves and a block of sugar. Chop the betel leaves and boil them in the pan. Add a block of sugar. Wait until the water turns green. Filter the water and drink this medicine three times a day. This medicine is considered as an herbal medicine, so you do not need to worry about the bad side effects like when you consume the chemical medicine. You can use betel leaves to cure several other diseases like diarrhea, toothache, eyes irritation, nosebleed, and wounds.

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