Bay Leaves for Diarrhea

Bay Leaves for DiarrheaDiarrhea is considered as frequent bowel activities expelling stools and watery stool. Diarrhea can be a serious condition that can cause sickness or even death. Even it usually attacks children but many adults can also suffer from this health disorder. Because it can cause something serious, it is important to know what cause it and how to stop the symptoms. Even it looks simple but actually dealing with diarrhea is something difficult. There are medications which are available; one of the most effective treatments is using bay leaves.

Bay is a type of tree that has been widely known, especially among the people in Southeast Asia countries. The aromatic laurel tree can also be found in some Mediterranean countries and some other areas that have a similar weather climate. The leaves of this tree are quite familiar among the people who love cooking in the kitchen because it brings pungent flavor to sauces, soups, vegetables, pasta dishes and many other foods. Recent studies show that bay leaves can also heal some health disorders, including diarrhea. However, the leaves must be combined with some other ingredients to boost its benefits.

Why choose bay leaves than drugs? The answer is simple; herbal medication is safer because there are no side effects. If using the right herbal medication, the disease will go right away without leaving uncomfortable feeling. To create diarrhea herbal medication from bay leaves, what we need is just 15 fresh bay leaves, water and salt. The first step to do is wash the bay leaves to make sure there are no bacteria on them. Boil about two glasses of water with the leaves in it. Add some salt but do not too much, especially if we have hypertension. When the water left is about 1 glass, filter it. Drink the water to heal the diarrhea.

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