Aloe Vera for Laryngitis

Aloe Vera for LaryngitisLaryngitis can happen for many different causes such as infection in people tonsil that is located in the throat. If an infection happens in people tonsil, it will swell and cause a major discomfort for everyone who suffers from it, especially children. Since inflammation or infection is caused by bacterial and viral attacks, it is very important to eliminate it and heal the inflammation and any pain that comes along with it.

Aloe Vera has the anti inflammatory benefit that people can use to combat the sore throat or laryngitis. This is how to do it:

  • Take it internally in regular basis. Aloe Vera can boost up the body immunity that will finally speed up the healing process. The anti inflammatory and analgesic properties will help reduce the pain and also reduce the swelling.
  • Use it as a mouth wash. Dilute the Aloe Vera gel in water and use the water to gargle. It will help clear out any bacteria and soothe the pain

Aloe Vera is a plant that the scientists suspect comes from Africa, although there are still many pros and cons about it. This plant has been used as herbal medicines for a very long time ago, as far as the first century AD. People around the world has grown and used this plant as their alternative medicine. Healing the sore throat like the one mentioned above is only one of them.

Since the demand for this plant to be used in many industries, especially cosmetic industries, is growing fast, the Aloe Vera plant is cultivated in many countries all around the world such as Australia, Mexico, China, and South Africa. Aloe Vera is also cultivated in cold weather countries where people put it inside the glass-house and the temperature is set hot enough to support the growth of Aloe Vera better.

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